"Tired of Loving Mr-Wrongs, 2018, ceramics installation, gardening, size variable"


Pat’s project will utilize tableaus of figurative ceramics that are based on her narrative creation of a mystery secret world, engaging with an unsettling black humour.

She treats ceramic sculpting as three-dimension sketching and use a sense of humour to express her subconscious, used as a more intuitive way of making art. The figures and tableaus intend to communicate emotional states, also try to keep the expressive nature of clay thus all the errors and defects in each work is full of scratches, fingers holds and imperfect cracks.

Ceramics making is a process of physical therapy to her, she can express and release own emotions arising from extreme personal discomfort that reflects on liquid love, a current social situations in Hong Kong. The works will humorously weave multiple narratives drawn from fairy tales and intimate relationships underpinned by emotions of revenge and forgiveness.


A garden setting that is neglected to her is a place haunted by spirits and may connect to an individual’s memory. Hence, the garden can be regarded as conservative or nostalgic.

"No.14 - My Beautiful Black Bird , 2016"

A poem from Wallace Stevens' first book of poetry “13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird” Stevens once wrote that “this group of poems is not meant to be a collection of epigrams or of ideas, but of sensations." The main emphasize  object isn't the black bird, but the surroundings & imagery .... 

" I found myself insignificant in every single love affair " 


I felt insignificant in every single love affair, Pat gives a turnaround for every single love story through the medium of ceramics and painting where every character being created is the shadow being tortured by reality. The artworks are far different from the fairy tale imagined by females and they are exactly situated between dreams and nightmares, reality and imaginary, revenge and forgiveness, inhibition and sexual desire and danger.



“ Am I in love? Yes, since I am waiting” -- Roland Barthes

I try to extracts the colorful pieces of love experiences under the structure of whirling combination make a reveals the lovers and love is just all sorts of feelings. Sunder to no avail, disentangle into disarray, it is the melancholy of parting, unable to alleviate, it's another kind of feeling at heart.

Studying and investigating about Love attitudes, a monologue of betrayal,there is jealousy, madness, confusion, anxiety, despair, lovesickness , suicidal thinking and so on …

"Darkness beyond the water . Love beneath the water "

To My Mother -- 

As water becomes a filter, the world looks twisted, helpless, destructed and excluded. Just when human kind merges breathing with the kaleidoscopic world, I grasp the remnant memory that lies underneath that dark pool, where my brother screams, where my mother throws caution to the winds, where the purest love, selflessness, sincerity and sacrifice still exist.


當水成為一個濾鏡,凝望現今的社會: 扭曲、無助、毀滅與排斥, 以為是大千世界的自然走向之際, 我從水底鈎起殘存的記憶, 一幕母親捨身救弟的畫面。


"To apologize - I AM SORRY"